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Garth Janke, LLC, with practices in all disciplines of intellectual property law, including patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and unfair competition matters. Our patent attorneys have technical degrees, altogether representing electrical and mechanical engineering, and other technical areas.


Identification of intellectual property rights. Acquisition and maintenance of intellectual property rights in the U.S. and foreign patent and trademark offices. Transfers of intellectual property rights, including licenses and assignments. Evaluation of particular intellectual property, including infringement and validity opinions. Enforcement of intellectual property rights, including litigation of disputes over intellectual property and unfair competition. Audits of intellectual property portfolios and policies.

Our firm's goal is to help clients actively and creatively identify, develop, maintain and, if necessary, assert enforceable and meaningful intellectual property rights and defend against unfounded claims of others. To provide the best service within the context of our clients' needs, we endeavor to develop an understanding of not only the client's technology, but also its business objectives, its competitors and the competitors' technology. Our aim is to apply our skills and knowledge to our clients' business goals to help those goals become reality.

Where clients' business goals are put at risk by competitive claims to intellectual property rights, we work with them to find a path that best serves their needs. This may mean advising on how legitimately to design around a competitor's technology, and perhaps advance the art in the process. Alternatives also include negotiating technology transfers or, if appropriate, disputing the validity or enforceability of a competitor's purported intellectual property rights.

We also recognize that service to our clients requires more than strong legal and technical skills and knowledge. Each attorney at Garth Janke, LLC recognizes the importance of client time frames, strives to keep clients fully apprised of the status of their matters, and strives to respond promptly to client inquiries.

Our philosophy on fees is to provide superior quality work at competitive costs.


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